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The Big Sandbox™

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The Big Sandbox ™ 

This is one of many Desert Shield/Storm sites that abound on the web. But this one's different, it's mine.
Some of the photos are mine and some have been acquired from other web sites. If there's a question or problem with a image on here let me know so I can correct it.

I spent a total of 9 years with the Army June 7, 1984 to March 3, 1993. Duty Stations:  Ft Knox, KY,  Ft Lewis, WA,  Camp Casey Korea, Ft Stewart, GA.  When I ETS'd I was a SGT/E-5.

My last armor position was as a M1A1 tank gunner on D-22 with D Co. 4/64 Armor, 24th. Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart, GA.  Due to a back injury I was moved to the PAC and became the Promotions NCO until my discharge in March of 1993'.

Some would say why be a tanker, let me ask you, where else can you get paid (legally) to blow crap up and drive over it. Where can you get the thrill of shooting at something over 3 miles away and watching it blow to hell !! Life in the desert was no picnic, yeah some got through it a little easier compared to others but we all volunteered for the MOS we were in. I signed on for a purpose, to blow it up or grease my tracks with it. So no more bitchin about who had it easier. Look at it this way you got your mail and the postal clerk didn't have to worry about Iraqi soldiers crawling up their asses, it all worked out in the end.

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